A rainy day doodle.

Since finishing uni and promising to devote more time to posting art I have not posted any art. Things have been a bit busy but really good, actually I have been really tied up with commission I mentioned in an earlier post but it’s all out of the way and the client was very very happy with it so I have given myself a pat on the back there.

I need to dedicate more time now to working on the human form, and to drawing more regularly. Id like to complete a sketch a day but I’m terribly inconsistent and a very slow artist; so I’m going to aim for a few a week.

I suppose you guys don’t need to hear it, just see results, but if I write it down I feel like I’m making the promise to more people than just myself.





I could watch this forever

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This week has been absolutely hectic! A massive run around picking up Angelo, getting back into the horses and catching up with friends. I am doing art things though, i was actually commissioned to do a portrait of a baby for a friend of mine, the reason behind the portrait is quite personal too so I am really trying to make something beautiful for her.

These two picture are a couple of example sketches I made for her, she decided on the first one.

Today I submitted my very last uni assignment! I’m done! I made it!! I am so happy! At the same time though I’m really sad that my professional placement is over, I met some really fantastic people- they threw me a little morning tea party and got me a farewell gift! 

Of course this means I’ll have more time for art and other lovely things like my plants and books. I kick started this today by finally uploading my newest painting and re potting all my new cacti and succulents- so nice to finally do something away from the computer screen.

Aaand it’s only one week until Angelo arrives in Australia!

Holy wow I am having such a great week!

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Sorry she took her time.

She’s finished! Will upload a full picture as soon as i have my camera

A bit more work between work. I’m really happy with this so far but I’m procrastinating doing the eyes.

As promised- I have done some art!

It doesn’t look like much t the moment but I’ll work on her through the week. It’s only a small painting so she should be done very soon.

I’m actually going to go mad if I don’t draw something soon. That would definitely effect this blog negatively.

My professional placement got extended for three weeks which it really cool but means I am working in two different cities for another month and finish the week Angelo comes over from Italy which is totally not cool. Phew.

But I don’t even care, I am going to draw this weekend because I owe you guys and because I’ll go insane if I don’t.

Hey guys! Sorry about the hiatus, I’m doing work experience for my uni degree for a month so I’m still working on the days I’m not working which means no paint time. Bear with me- This will all be over soon. I’ll have a degree and can get back to painting and creating.

Exciting things! This week my grandma entered my art into a competition/ exhibition and today I took her in to collect the pieces and found I’d won second place in my category and that someone had brought the piece!

It’s really exciting, I always feel surprised when someone not related to me not only wants my art but wants to pay for it as well. I’m really chuffed about it! :-)

I finished this today, finally BUT my Grandmas scanner did awful awful things to the colour quality so you only get to see a black and white version of it for now. I’m so happy with the results! I was telling my Grandma about how I was having trouble finding a white gel pen or something similar to complete the piece and the next day she had found one for me- Go Gran!

A project for a rainy day

hey look, someone narrated my week.