Today I submitted my very last uni assignment! I’m done! I made it!! I am so happy! At the same time though I’m really sad that my professional placement is over, I met some really fantastic people- they threw me a little morning tea party and got me a farewell gift!¬†

Of course this means I’ll have more time for art and other lovely things like my plants and books. I kick started this today by finally uploading my newest painting and re potting all my new cacti and succulents- so nice to finally do something away from the computer screen.

Aaand it’s only one week until Angelo arrives in Australia!

Holy wow I am having such a great week!

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Sorry she took her time.

She’s finished! Will upload a full picture as soon as i have my camera

A bit more work between work. I’m really happy with this so far but I’m procrastinating doing the eyes.

As promised- I have done some art!

It doesn’t look like much t the moment but I’ll work on her through the week. It’s only a small painting so she should be done very soon.

I’m actually going to go mad if I don’t draw something soon. That would definitely effect this blog negatively.

My professional placement got extended for three weeks which it really cool but means I am working in two different cities for another month and finish the week Angelo comes over from Italy which is totally not cool. Phew.

But I don’t even care, I am going to draw this weekend because I owe you guys and because I’ll go insane if I don’t.

Hey guys! Sorry about the hiatus, I’m doing work experience for my uni degree for a month so I’m still working on the days I’m not working which means no paint time. Bear with me- This will all be over soon. I’ll have a degree and can get back to painting and creating.

Exciting things! This week my grandma entered my art into a competition/ exhibition and today I took her in to collect the pieces and found I’d won second place in my category and that someone had brought the piece!

It’s really exciting, I always feel surprised when someone not related to me not only wants my art but wants to pay for it as well. I’m really chuffed about it! :-)

I finished this today, finally BUT my Grandmas scanner did awful awful things to the colour quality so you only get to see a black and white version of it for now. I’m so happy with the results! I was telling my Grandma about how I was having trouble finding a white gel pen or something similar to complete the piece and the next day she had found one for me- Go Gran!

A project for a rainy day

hey look, someone narrated my week.

So look what I discovered today! My pet rock  has split and is growing its new leaves, I love watching plants grow and change- exciting stuff!

Also today I finished reading My Sister’s Keeper, I loved this book and definitely recommend it but how dare you Jodi Picoult.

So I was super uncool yesterday and didn’t get around to posting anything! But here are the two projects I have been working on this week whenever I have a moment between work.

I posted a WIP shot of the painting about a week ago, it’s nearly finished but the fabric pen I used to use to do stars and white highlights died so I’m in the middle of a decision to buy another one, hunt down (from somewhere) a white ink pen, or use acrylic paints…. decisions decisions…

The wee clay rabbit was a bit of a muck around to actually start using the clay I brought a while back. He’s a bit of a tribute to one of my ultimate favourite books Watership Down by Richard Adams. I might paint it but not too sure, he’s a bit scruffy around the edges but I’m really proud of it as far as first attempts go!

Hey guys! I’m really sorry about not being here and not uploading anything the last few days. I’ve just been super busy at work, 11 days in a row! Anyway, I do some some pictures to upload, so they should be up in about an hour. Everything will be back to normal next week, thank you for bearing with me!

Hey guys, Sorry I’ve been quiet these last few days, work is hella hectic, I’m trying to organise my professional placement for university and I have been visiting my parents. PLUS I am trying to finish my recent WIP. Hopefully tomorrow.
I’m still here and I’m still trying.

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